About Homestay

What does homestay mean?

Homestay is an immersion program where the student lives in the home of their teacher for 1-3 weeks during school holidays.

The idea is to immerse the student into an anglophone environment to live the langauge first hand and not just learn from textbooks.

The teacher caters to the child’s individual needs and uses a multitude of resources; media, music, theatre, activities and other interesting lesson plans that catch the student’s attention.

Small 1 – 4 student size classes ensures for an intensive program, moving quickly through curriculum and solving problems immediately.

Long gone are the days of rote learning and systematic tests based on grammar points.

This alternative method works well with the academic system here in Hungary, which is similar to the school system in France where we spent five years.

We believe that language is living, and to become fluent you must live it!

While students live with their native English speaking host family, they are required to communicate in their new language throughout the course of the day.

They build everyday vocabulary in a number of different settings from morning routine, right until they go to bed.

LivEnglish is a classic immersion program, at its best!

Structure of the program


It is a complete and intensive language immersion program.

The structure of the program is the same as most linguistic Sejour or language homestay programs throughout the world.

9:00 breakfast
10:00-12:00 lessons
12:30-14:00 lunch break
14:30-17:30 activity
18:00 homework
19:00 dinner time
19:30-21:00 evening movie in English
21:00 showers
22:00 bedtime

Our students arrive after lunch on Sunday. We either pick them up at the airport, train station (times may vary) or their parents drop them off at the house between 15:00-16:00.

Our activities include; bowling, horseback riding, skating, swimming, the beaches of Lake Balaton, cycling, hiking, shopping, Aquaworld, tree climbing, spelunking, lasergame, escape rooms, wakeboarding, Roman baths, Szentendre tours…

Many students coming from France have never been to Hungary before so we like to show them the monuments and tourist attractions to show them how much we love our new home!

We have many students that come again and again and they become a part of our extended family.

I feel that these relationships for our own children are invaluable which continue in English on their social media pages; Instagram and Facebook etc…

They learn so much about other family structures, different customs and traditions.

We are making connections that last for a lifetime.