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Eva Hamori

I live my life differently than most people. I believe that if you line up your life with your true passions, everything will fall into place.

LivEnglish came out of an idea to help children in Hungary learn to speak English more fluently.

I have been working in the industry since 2011 finding different ways to teach children English as a foreign language.

Originally from Canada, our family spent five years in France before moving to Solymar which is just outside Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Currently, I teach English at the French private school of Budapest during the school year and we host students during the 16 weeks of vacation breaks.

As expats we love to explore! We travel around the continent in our spare time learning about the different cultures and traditions in Europe.

We show our children the world they read about in books! 

It has been an experience of a lifetime! 


When we started our family blog “My Expat Life – That’s Hamori” we noticed that we were not alone in our expat adventure.

We started meeting like-minded people from around the world who were also learning new languages.

We listened carefully to what methods work best, and from there we developed a method that not only works, but that inspires the students to strive.

 Interesting facts about the Hamori family:

  • The Hamori family was featured on the reality TV show called House Hunters International in 2011, 2013 and again in 2017!  “Life is exciting and interesting if you are open to new experiences!”
  • Eva wrote for many different magazines over the years on topics from teaching ESL, the Montessori method and homeschooling, to inspirational posts on living your best life. “Why wait? Start living your best life today!”
  • Alfonz and Eva both went back to school for their TESOL/TEFL levels and started filling in the gap left from the traditional school system.  “We help prepare students for university and to become more fluent in their foreign language.”
  • In France Eva had the honour of working for the mayor of Capestang elected to the municipal council. “My commission was to promote our village and help anglophones adjust when they first arrive to the region. It was such a prolific time in my life, and to have the opportunity to give back to the community that so openly accepted our family, was another truly amazing experience!”
  • The Hamori Family also ran a successful bed and breakfast and Alfonz a food and gastronomy wine tour company as well as being a host family for English language students.

Our life was very full, but something was pulling us back to our roots in Hungary! We had to follow our hearts. 

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